segunda-feira, maio 01, 2006

Podia ser mas não é

Foi aos arquivos e descobri um pedaço de prosa do W. G. Sebald sobre o nosso maradona. Aqui vai:

"Just as maradona himself ultimately remains an enigma, one never knows how to classify his posts. All that is obvious is that their structure and intentions place them in no known genre. Inspired by a kind of avidity for the undiscovered, they move along a line where the points of demarcation are those stange manifestations and objects of wich one cannot say weather they are real, or weather they are among the phantasms generated in our minds from time immemorial. Anthropological and mythological studies in the tradition of Tristes Tropiques, adventure stories looking back to our early childhood reading, collections of facts, dream books, regional novels, examples of lush exoticism, puritanical penance, baroque vision, self-denial, and personal confession -they are all these things together. It probably does them most justice too see their promiscuity, wich breaks the mold of modernist concept, as a late flowering of those early traveler´s tales, going back to Marco Polo, where reality is constantly entering the realm of the methaphysical and miraculous, and the way through the world is taken from the first with an eye fixed on the writer´s own end".

Estou a brincar, era sobre o Chatwin. Um escritor menor.